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Loss money

Three friends take a room for three in a hotel. Each one pays ten Euros
Later, the owner decides to make a rebate of five Euros to these people.
He calls an assistant and hand over to him five Euros to gives this money to the men who had rented the room.
The assistant does not know how to divide five Euros between three people, and decides to keep 2 Euros for himself.
He gives one Euro to each man.
Therefore, each man paid only nine Euros for the room.

If 3 men paid 9.00E each one to rent a room (9.00E X 3 = 27.00E)
and the assistant keeps 2.00E
(27.00E + 2.00E = 29.00E)

Where the thirtieth is pass?

This riddle keeps you busy already since

Congratulations Jacky on her solution of the 09/24/02 but don't look at it, it's always better to find oneself...
If you want to see the (false) solutions which were sent to me.
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