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Suggestion from Felinstyl the 12/07/02 :
I did not see the movie but I shall fill half of every tin:
3/2= 1.5
5/2= 2.5
and 1.5+2.5= 4 galons
This solution is very inaccurate...

Suggestion from Jack the 12/08/02 :
If we have a third container:
We fill the 5 galons tin, and we empty it in the 3 galons tin
Rest 2 galons in the first one. We place these two galons in the third container and we done again this manipulation and we will have 2+2=4 galons
We don't have a third contenair

Suggestion from Tzagoi the 12/10/02 :
The trick is to remove the lids of the tins
We put the 3 galons tin in the 5 galons one, the tops of the two tins are put at the same level
We fill the volume staying int he 5 galons tin ( 5-3=2 galons)
We take the 3 galons tin out of the 5 galons one, and we put the 2 galons of water in the 3 galons tin.
We do it again: we put again the 3 galons tin in the 5 galons one.
We fill again the 5 galons tin (always 5-3=2 galons), we take of the 3 galons tin and we empty it in the 5 galons tin
We have now 4 galons in the 5 galons tin, we have take only 4 galons of water at the fontain.
This is not possible with all kinds of tin, and is quite inacurate ; but very interesting...

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