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Leave here your opinions, suggestions and comments.

That your opinion is positive or negative, do not hesitate: express you!

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message : 9
Posted on : 2007/02/06 at 09/32pm, by : GaG
[France, Clermont l'Hérault]  E-mail :  URL : - Note : 10/10
And a message from me

Thanks to Xunor for this site so exciting as fascinating!!
All the misfortune which I wish for my site.. is it follows the way of this-one!!

(translated from French)

message : 8
Posted on : 2007/02/06 at 09/23am, by : Radiator_Springs
[France] - Note : 10/10
Congratulations this great site Xunor! But in when a new RIDDLE OF GROUP??
It is true that I could propose it too but...

Good continuation, long life in your riddles!

CoRdiAlLY ... Radiator_Springs (translated from French)

Answer from Xunor

Note : Riddle of group don't exist yet in the english version of this website...

message : 7
Posted on : 2007/02/04 at 11/11pm, by : Diamant noir
[France]  E-mail : nicole.hermosodubois(a) - Note : 10/10
I love this site!
I am a part of "fans" since quite a lot of time. I advise it to all my friends.
Too strong this Xunor!! Please, make us the brain smoke even for a long time.
Good riddance and long life (translated from French)

message : 6
Posted on : 2007/02/04 at 06/24pm, by : Bernard88
[France - Epinal]  E-mail : majorczyk.bernard(a) - Note : 09/10
Very good site for the persons who miss and who want to laugh and to amuse (translated from French)

message : 5
Posted on : 2007/02/04 at 05/13am, by : morticya
[France]  E-mail : cathjeff(a) - Note : 10/10
Great site and Grand Master of the riddle I am a follower of Xunor at 100 % lol kiss Xunor(translated from French)

message : 4
Posted on : 2007/02/03 at 07/42pm, by : PhoebusS
Hats off!! Super, the salamander is also there in icon... I wonder if one day there will be a riddle with a salamander it would be a nice wink for the site (translated from French)

Answer from Xunor

Good idea, may be one day.

message : 3
Posted on : 2007/02/02 at 02/29pm, by : wicca
[Thetford mines]  E-mail : wiccamelanie(a) - Note : 10/10
I like coming here that made to rack one's brains and that does good (translated from French)

message : 2
Posted on : 2007/01/30 at 00/17am, by : sunsyster
[France] - Note : 09/10
Yes, of course there is a message and I am the first one! (translated from French)

message : 1
Posted on : 2007/01/30 at 00/00am, by : Xunor
[France]  URL :
No message yet!

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