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message : 19
Posted on : 2007/09/11 at 06/35pm, by : Helen
[England] - Note : 09/10
Really love your hanje puzzles! they're really addictive, think ive completed all of them already, cant wait for you to get some new ones!!

message : 18
Posted on : 2007/08/17 at 06/45pm, by : Faouzi
[France] - Note : 09/10
Xunor your website is really .......

Too good, I love it, it's a very good website where we think without bored. On the other hand there are not enough riddles, this apart the site is great.(translated from French)

message : 17
Posted on : 2007/08/03 at 07/53pm, by : Arsalane
[Maroc]  E-mail : dalila1959(a) - Note : 09/10
Very interesting, instructive congratulation again and all the best!(translated from French)

message : 16
Posted on : 2007/07/29 at 01/41pm, by : rico
[France] - Note : 08/10
Interesting site and easy browsing bravo!(translated from French)

message : 15
Posted on : 2007/05/13 at 09/42pm, by : guest9039948
[France] - Note : 10/10
Your website is trashy Xunor!
and you are so moronic Xunor!

Don't worry Xunor, I'm just kidding it's tour fan: link-link

Your website is very well and you are not moronic (well, not so much)

I have rated the site with a 10/10

PS: Your pseudo is considered as a typing mistake(translated from French)

message : 14
Posted on : 2007/04/08 at 11/45pm, by : Catimero
[France]  E-mail : jean.martin1342(a) - Note : 10/10
Brilliant, nice to be able to amuse by putting on neurones.
The interface is nice also and the proposed riddles are fascinating and never boring.
Again, we want others again.(translated from French)

message : 13
Posted on : 2007/04/06 at 09/14pm, by : manmen
This site is great but I would like to suggest a riddle:(translated from French)

Answer from Xunor

I haven't translated the riddle from French, because it's impossible to translate this riddle in English.

message : 12
Posted on : 2007/03/03 at 02/51am, by : lida
[Russia] - Note : 09/10
Thanks for good pics, maybe I'll come here again, if I see something that spooky.
Ps. Im from Russia , so I don't write english as good as I would. There's lot of finns who are interested of this, so lets have more pics !

message : 11
Posted on : 2007/02/23 at 01/23pm, by : Satellite
[France]  URL : - Note : 10/10
Thanks for your website.(translated from French)

message : 10
Posted on : 2007/02/10 at 02/22pm, by : bagaharté
[France]  E-mail : ramjo_pharell(a) - Note : 09/10
Thank you for the site and to spend time to look for knownless riddles and to read our answers not always right!(translated from French)

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